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Deutsche Oper Berlin - Concert Performance on 21.9.1974
II Giuramento - Saverio Mercadante
Viscardo- José Carreras, Manfredo - Robert Kerns, Elaisa - Annabelle Bernard, Bianca . Agnes Baltsa, Brunoro William Wu, Isaura - Lucy Peacock, Dirigent . Gerd Albrecht, Chor - Walter Hagen-Groll
To the delight of opera fans, it was once again made evident at the Berliner Haus, that success can be repeated, even increased. If the waves of enthusiasm were already high at the first concert, this time the storm of applause took on  almost southern proportions.  And rightfully so because it could be considered as a rare great moment that was presented to the captivated, listening audience by the ensemble, choir and orchestra, which were superbly in unison with each other.

A great favorite was Agnes Baltsa who, with equal musical training as well as spirited portrayal of the role of Bianca, could rake in the first resounding applause. This singer, (one notices her pure enjoyment of singing), with her youthful passion and daring vigor (though it should be noted that the original notes were never abandoned) almost broke the limits of achievability.

Annabelle Bernard interprets her role (Elaisa) more lyrically and captured the audience with her soft piano and excellent top notes.  Robert Kerns also had, besides the intensive portrayal, a wonderful baritone for Manfredo.

A rising star in the tenor sky is the bit shy acting Jose Carreras who, with great seriousness and a sense of responsibility, gaveViscardo interpretation and with his light, well managed voice completed the quartet of the main performers.  Lucy Peacock and William Wu fit wll into this. Walter Hagen-Groll's wonder choir continued their success, surprising again was Gerd Albrecht's conducting with Italian passion (so unusual for him otherwise) and contagious vitality, the orchestra performed

outstandingly well.

English translation: © Heidi Hochstein

 Margot E. Hoffmann -