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    Collecting live recordings and finding out- of- print CDs

    Some of the live recordings on CDs are available in shops. Not where I live, but I was already in shops carrying live opera recordings. Online shops are a good source for CDs, released under labels like Legato, Myto, Bella Voce, GAO, Opera d'Oro and a few more. You find a list of online shops on

    Another source are shops specialized on live recordings:

    The Opera Lovers - Home of Rare Opera Recordings
    You will love Alfonso's great collection of operas and concerts on CD.
    Celestial Audio
    Celestial Audio - Helmuth offers carefully restored performances on CDR from Australia and around the World.
    House of opera
    A large collection of live opera performances on CD, video, DVD, audio cassettes and CD ROMs.
    Live opera recordings on audio cassettes and VHS. There are no recordings online, but don't miss to order the huge printed catalogue or ask for a special print out for your favourite singer.
    Premiere Opera
    Live opera recordings on CD, video and CD ROM unfortunately no audio cassettes.
    Opera d'Oro
    You can find the recordings of this label on the site of Allegro Music and in other online music stores.
    Opera recordings, which are difficult to find, out of print, or historical in nature.
    Belcanto Society
    Videos of opera performances and concerts with opera singers, CDs, DVDs and books.
    Opera videos, opera recordings and opera books
    Dal vivo
    Live opera recordings on CD and video.
    David Lawton's Opera Videos
    Opera videos, exchange only.

    More links to stores on

    Finding out- of- print and import CDs and LPs

    There are a few ways to find these CDs and LPs.

    Visit online auctions 
    Online auctions like Ebay usually have listed recordings with José Carreras.
    Type Carreras into the search box.

    Stores with used and import CDs
    There are a lot of stores with used and import CDs and LPs. Unfortunately they seldom list any 
    information about what the recordings contain.

    You may try one of these shops. I only bought something from CyberCd so far, because of this 
    I'm not able to recommend any of the other shops. But I had a look if they really have Carreras 
    recordings listed.
    Not only new but also used CDs
    Gebrauchte CDs and LPs jeder Richtung
    Historical, Classical, CDs, LPs
    Not only new but also used LPs and CDs
    Classic Choice- sells and buys rare classical records and LP's.
    Irvington music- Buying and Selling LPs, Open Reel Tapes and CDs Audiophile, Classical, Opera & a little Jazz
    Vinilos, LP's, EP's y CD's para Coleccionistas
    Vintage Vinyl, 45's, Alternative, Beatles, Blues, Classical, Compact Discs
    Blue H. Records- Collectors Vinyl
    Parnassus Classical Compact Discs and Records- Import CD, video, dvd and out of print cds
    used CD
    used CD and video
    used CD
    Import CDs

    Direct search
    If you know the title and contents of the recording (have a look in my database), you may also like to try the direct way of searching . Go to a search engine and type several keywords into the search box. I tried that with google when a gathered information for my database and found some used recordings.

    +carreras +final +romance
    +carreras +"final romance" 
    Well, at least I found the video at once.

    I hope these links are helpful. If you know other good sources, send me an Email.
    Please, don't ask me where to find a special recording, I really don't know. I would have to search, too and I don't have the time to do it.

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